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Whether you are looking for a stock 6L80E or performance one we have the perfect solution for you. We custom build either a used transmission or a brand new on depending on your budget. We can assemble the transmission with any aftermarket shaft to adapt to transfer cases like Atlas  or TWF Hero, just to name a few. Unlike other we can provid a complete Engine/transmission harness that includes and ECM and transmission calibration setup for you vehicle. If you have and ECM that is running the GM 58X operating system, we can match the transmission calibration to just about any production calibration. Also using our TCM-2650 module we can get the transmission to function behind just about any engine that yo can adapt the transmission to. No matter if they are carbureted or fuel injected. Currently we are running transmissions  specially built for Offroad racing, Street rods, Kings of the Hammer. Our transmission have won Championships in offroad racing in the US and United Kingdom. If you do not see the option you are looking for just give us a call. We offer custom transmission builds to meet your budget but still get you the durability your are looking for. Below are the basic specifications for the 6L80E. There are no other options for transmission gear ratios. From our experience this ratios are suitable for multiple applications.




6L80E Specifications and Features:

• Production rated for maximum engine crankshaft torque 487 lb-ft (660 Nm)
• Gear Ratio • 1st – 4.03 • 2nd – 2.36 • 3rd – 1.53 • 4th – 1.15 • 5th – 0.85 • 6th – 0.67
• Programming includes Tap shift feature can be controlled by paddleshifter or floor shifter with Tap control.
• Sport Mode calibration
• 1400 to 4000 Stall Billet Converters are available.
• Slip Yoke splines are the same as T400 and 4L80e

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