Transmission Calibration

Along with our expertise in building performance transmissions, we also can assist in custom transmission tuning. We offer several transmission controllers that we feel are the best on the market. When you purchase a controller from us we offer full support in developing and tuning your transmissions calibration.

The controllers we sell are available for a wide variety of applications, from GM, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and even ZF transmissions. We are capable of calibrating any 6L50e, 6L80e and 6L90e OEM T43 transmission controller. We can reprogram your controller so it will work with your LS Gen IV engine or just about any engine combination. With the new TCM2600 you can put the 6L50e, 6l80e and 6L90e transmissions behind just about any engine. We sell a transmission wiring harness to directly plug into the GM performance engine harness.

Just released is the all new program that allows you to program and tune your transmission with your own laptop. This combined with our custom 6 speed calibration makes it an easy conversion. Give us a call for more details.