Specializing in GM transmissions. 4L80e, 4L85e, 6L80E 6L90E, T400 street strip and offroad race transmission. Our 6l80E and 6L90E transmission have been tested and proven is numerous racing series and street rods. The stage 2 6L80E has won the championship in Kings of the Hammer in the uS and Europe. Sitting behind over 800 hp in an Ultra 4 is a true durability test. We have 6L90E transmission running behind engines with over 1000 Hp in street rods. Our T400 run in numerous applications such as Score Trophy Trucks, Kings of the Hammers, Drag Racing and many others. We over one of the strongest 4L85E on the market. If you want a t350 or 700r4, we can build those also. Along with transmission we specialize in transmission tuning. Our calibration engineer has over 30 years experience with the transmission controls and calibration. The 6l80E and 6L90E are one of our favorites, but we can tune most any transmission. We also build transmission for most other models, call for more information

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